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 About Ana Massien / Dark Rite / Carux Nostri

Ana Massien is a 46 yr old life coach, elemental vampyre (strigoi in ancestry) who is originally from Brasov, Romania.

She now lives in Griffin, Georgia. She is asexual and not seeking romantic partners. She also creates social communities in her spare time.

She is shamanic and heatheru in tradition, vampyre craft being something as well as kitchen witchery she is passionate about.

She works with metals, symbols, gems, and rocks as well as trees, herbal and amulet workings. She has over 21+ yrs experience in paganism.

She is a Coffee, pinterest and aliexpress, epsom salt addict. Totems include Squrriel, Eagle, Raven, Crocodile, Beluga whale, Armadillo (helps tame swamp fear and agoraphobic conditions)

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