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Georgia Pagan's Yule Ornament and sticker shop

Is open for early christmas, holidays and thanksgiving, yuletide shopping:


Will be the new Wraitli Exbuis Communal as well as the society documentation of current houses (former spruz site)

and the groups will be a place for me to have the georgia pagans group (even tho they don't have allot to the groups on these buddypresses...) more to come.

Been watching the governor races and things and results on and they are working it. LOL This is so exciting to watch and see new history. I am voting for abrams in Georgia but if Kemp can bring strength to our state, I will welcome him. I voted for Abrams.

Soon, I will be working with which may become a joomla site with community builder social. I am not sure what I will name it, but I just wanted to announce this on my blog. Paid for also as well as ;)

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween and blessed samhain.

The pagan new yr is just not the same to me. It just does not feel witchy or pagan-y anymore.

Other than a calender thing with the light and dark off shot from one another, nothing really makes this day about a new yr anymore, unless you are always in a pagany group.

But neither is it "Christian" or even "satanic" but it is shamanism related.. Symbols both good and bad are present, but all the time.

Heatheru observe the passing of time, but every day is a new yr, a new day to celebrate life, be you undead, unliving or living or dead in tradition.

These are all shamanic states of being.

So Samhain for Heatheru, it would be Samhailla - a day of the life, for celebration all that has passed. Looking more to the future rather than the past however. Celebration and eating of harvest and food - especially meat was done then.  to the path Heatheru would, dediciu  then re dedicate themselves at this time before all. Heatheru believe in simple things in magick, they are the magick.

See you on the road!

Dark Rite aka Carux Nostri "Stralux".

-- Ana Massien

Winter is Coming - watch the negativity

Don't you love it when you don't already want to be doing something or being some place and someone comes in to just shit all over your somewhat happy parade?

We call these bastards energy suckers not nessecarily psychic vampires either. Not all vampires live to be whiny assholes.

This is especially bad in winter and spring months. You need a little beauty warfare.

1. Bathe in something so smelly fabulous people can't help but notice you are in a good mood. It will help you be in a better mood too for when you aren't home, and people are liable to be a whiny ass hole to you. You can also use baby oil, lavender or rose smelling scents as well as juniper and cedar or even pine scent to boost your and others moods you have to work around.

2. Watch what you eat and how much you eat of it: Pick high protein snacks or meals when you are at work or at home to do what you have to do and get it done quickly.

3. Drink allot more water or fruit infused water. Not only will it lift your mood it will lift your energy and spirit as well. It also is a good colon cleanser. Orange or lime or lemon or even grapefruit in water will help you extend your concentration at work. Berries dried or fresh as a snack also helps as well.

4. Use an oil difuser or wax warmer at work or at the office to put a good smell in the air and boost your mood as well as anyone near by. It is also a good air refreshner near the bath room at home or office.

5. Use clear soaps in the bath room at the work place. These soaps boost mood because of color, textures, and smells. Cloudy soaps work better at home right before bed.

6. Mist the room with an air spray like pine or spruce or cedar scent. It will automatically make customers or clients leave and work more effectively in your office or business. It also tells people you care about the air quality at home or work and it automatically puts them as well as you in the mood to see to the business at hand or work task to be completed. It trains our brains to get things done. How do I know? DNA from days spent in a forest cooking or chipping wood and passed down in the genes to the modern day era. You could not help but smell the forest at some point.

Helps people stay more focused at the work place or out and about running errands.

--Ana Massien

Items to Buy:

Neutrogena Soaps:


Wax Warmers:

I like to use Scentsationals Wax you can buy it online or at walmart.

TV Rewatch: Kindred the embraced

I recently downloaded free tv shows to my phone and have been rewatching Kindred the Embraced.

There is only eight episodes and I wish they really would have made more but it was a vampire show on fox in the 8pm time slot.

I don't think they picked the right channel for the show.

If you are a fan of VTM or Vampire the masquerade it may interest you to know that is what they based this show on.

Basically its San Fran By Night with Vampires that seduce people and live by the masquerade.

Kindred the Embraced dvd set

Rant: How I live

Many people it seems have a problem with the way I live, because I am not a clone of every one else and prefer to do things my way as I learned them.

I an an individualist. An Original and I don't care if I stand out.

Religious and spirituality:

I like proverbs of the bible, and I like some christian contemp and hymns. But I am not christian. God to me is not Christian. I do not live Christian like.

I am Pagan in views religiously. I believe many Gods may exist, or just one in many depts to help people achieve what they wish in life.

I believe I am apart of that team. But I am not going to try and make you believe in it or it. This is my personal path. So when You see or hear me listening to the Joy fm atlanta, please note I am feeling gratitude. I give thanks when I have something and when I am poor. Sometimes I have very little, and its either because I gave it to enlighten others because they also give to me, or because I never had much to begin with. Maybe people use me for my generousity also and I know they do but guess what? we are all supposed to give it regardless if it benefits us or not to do so, when they need it. I have seen and witnessed miracles for no reason just because of a giving nature. It is where I come from -- to be helped and to help.

The apostles of jesus were not Christians. Christianity later came out of what Jesus and his apostles did with one another. This is history and science of the fact. The theology of the christian doctrines follow the path of christ after he died. They did not have a holy bible. The King James Version of the bible as we know it today came many yrs later as King James ruled England. He had his scholars and monks write or organize the bible as we know it today. This was like the 11th century a.d. quite a jump from 70 a.d. to 1100 a.d.


I prefer to be considered a pagan, heathen shaman. I do allot of works with herbs and minerals, stones and amulets. I see symbolism in all I do. Everywhere I go and in everything I do. Even the mundane world - bill pay, grocery shopping. I do allot of shadow magick, projection and vampyre magick. I am not a lifestylist no matter what people tell you. I have Strigoi and Stregoni ancestry. Mine plus my Parents. I am a leader of my people, but only those who wish help and need it and will respect what's offered. I do not consider myself evil. I do not believe in Gods making things evil. I do not believe that Satan is evil. I know man to be evil when he is immature, hateful and insecure and jealous. People take from others when their this way. Therefore jealous people are evil. Not Gods. If Gods themselves are jealous beings and forces then their evil. But not because some book stated someone did something in 400 ad so yes their evil. You can feel evil in people. Darkness aka an object devoid of light is not enough to be evil. If its made to be evil then its evil. If a light object is made to be evil then it is evil.


A weapon is seen as evil, but without intent to be used for evil by a person then it is not evil. I do not let dogma and fear rule my life and no one should. WE should think for ourselves, we should question everything we do or know to be good or evil. Am I doing this with a good intent? Am I trying to hurt someone with my actions? Hurting others with actions are evil. Don't do them, regardless if a Book or God said to do so or not.

WE know when we do something wrong, we will feel it inside ourselves and we should apologize. How can we expect to be treated better, fairly or some such if we do not treat others well?

I know that I am an elemental vampyre - I drink and consume energy from food and outside sources, I also can take this from blood from people if I desire to do so. I do not feed on animals dead or alive. I do not feed on people dead or alive without their permission. I am not a lifestyler or a sanguine. I have seen personal proof what i say is correct but I am not trying to prove it to you or anyone else to live as myself  I do not have too.

I support vampire groups and houses and community spiritual and non. However the current community is not very supportive of itself or why it is the way it is. I would be selective as to why I would want to be a member of it. Not everyone who is a vampyre wants to be in or apart of the VC many wish to remain spiritual and live by their own creed, I am of no exception to this.

 If you have questions of my person or being or views by all sake ask I could answer you or I could decline to comment. I normally answer people as it gives insight as to why we should not fear people who are different than us. If someone speaks bad about me, what are they really saying about themselves as well? How do they know me so well as to be so condemning? Treat everything as a rumor. There is always some small minded person out there who does not understand how life works just because their alive does not mean we need pay attn to them like their still on stage in concert or something.

In the opinion of sheep

On the radio last night Charles Stanley (I like his programs he's a christian minister) talked about how some ministers have lost the fire and just stand in a pulpit and talk, and if they are angry, they'll smite their listeners. I tend to agree. But as I was listening I learned something about sheep and wolves that most people don't know.

A sheep appears lost. It never is. It just wanders and explores and God made the sheep to explore so that when we see the sheep wandering we can do a good thing and help it wander back to the flock.

A wolf can get lost in the middle of a forest it already knows on a path its marked with its scent. It will yowl and howl for no reason, thinking its lost when its not.

A sheep, can go to that wolf and even if the wolf is hungry it will follow the sheep and the sheep will show it where it needs to go. It will not even attempt to bite that sheep.

This means if people are sheep like even in metaphor, we're not half as lost as others think we are.

This is how the animal kingdom takes up for others.

Just like the penguin, when the penguin is ready to die, it will go  away and say goodbye to their colony they will go to the sea and jump in, and they will signal to a predator most often an orca, to eat it and or kill it and the orca will come and when the penguin gives the signal it will let go and the orca will bite its head off. The pack the penguin came from knows the moment it happens and feels at peace that their fellow bird has gone on with its existence.


This is why I like shamanism. It's polite.

My new pagan amulet


My New pagan amulet a viking/celtic raven pendant is on the way from aliexpress!

Whale has crossed my path today!

Found my whale in a thrift store, wanted to know what whale means.

What Whale means

I like big cuddly stuffed animals from the sea.


This is it, This is Bubbles! 

This is Bubbles :)

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