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I am seeking a better place to live - Goals march 2019

I am currently seeking a better place to live.

I live on 750 a month, at the end of December this will only go up to 771. I am grateful for that but, in Georgia most 1 bedrooms go for 500+ and then a deposit, application fee and then a deposit - often as much as the rent is. I have some place to go in mind but will need more money added on to what I already have.

I am only asking for $350 dollars + my 750 to move on.

I Have a paypal and would like you to donate whatever you can towards this goal. I want to move by Spring 2019, as this is my goal.

I am working with some churches and working with anyone that can actually help -- working on getting on towards more money as well, looking into tiny houses, grants, HUD that kind of thing. But I have to stay local. I am can not move out of the city of Griffin, GA at this time.


The living area I am living in we are living with an abusive house mate that neither the local law nor the land office will remove because they want all the money they can stand too get. I understand business but this is putting quantity before values and morals. I am currently living somewhere that allows the elderly to be abused for no apparent reason. I will not allow myself to keep living here.

If you would like to know more contact me below, or send money to my paypal.

Link (email to mail or paypal)

 Send whatever you can. The button below this one will be for a fixed amount of about 30.00 a person.


Contribute a fixed $30.00 amount per person


  I will be willing to work with people and their loans, I do the readings, and I am working on making my own soaps/bombs in the future and would be willing to send some for free (for the donation) I am not trying to ask for a hand out or something for free.

I am not desperate God told me to put this online to see who responds to a perfect stranger who needs help.

Thanks for your help and visit,

Ana Massien

PS Many people believe seers, life coaches have it all and we have no need of help from anyone and we're perfect and we shit gold coins in an immaculate way. This is not so, just because we can help others with our light does not mean we quit needing help. It means we live on usually very little. We do not have designer clothes or trendy shoes or cable. I even have a government cell phone. I only get 154 a month for food stamps (snap assistance) I live at 350.00 below the poverty level. Poverty in Georgia is at 1K a month. I get less than this per month, even with a cola adjustment (Cost of Living adjustment) It takes about 1200 in Georgia for one person to move comfortably with money left over for odds and ends and food cost.


Spirit readings

Spiritual readings are something I do. If you would like a spiritual, card or omen/dream reading for

free for a donation I will be happy to help you out. Send me an email on facebook to see about your readings.

Link (facebook)

I also offer advertising for websites on my sites of a spiritual and IMVU nature. if you would like advertising also please contact!

I know God disclaimer

Everyone has troubles. Its not because I do not know God. I know God, The Lord, and believe in miracles.

I have been helped by many of them. I have been very fortunate to others and hospitable to others. I have a giving spirit even when I can't afford too I am doing something for others as well as feeding them! This is why I am doing this campaign so we can help one another and so you can see how good it is to give and help others. It's what we are supposed to do regardless of any race or religion. It is the right fair thing! I promise you will be rewarded. I am not just saying this. I know you will be rewarded.